Imperial Red Khan Rug

This rug has a rich red colour to add a true warmth feel to any home. This feature also aids the rugs versatility to bring any and all rooms in the house together. On top of this, is a traditional ottoman pattern which brings a classy and vintage look to your home. Available in three sizes; 80 x 150, 120 x 170 and 160 x 230. Part of Bela Casa's Imperial range comes the Red Khan Rug, it is traditional and expertly woven on Wilton looms. Which is then carved deeply to create a striking established look which shall compliment all living and dining areas perfectly. It is hard wearing whilst soft with minimal shedding. Meaning it will last a long time as we'll as being comfortable with no bits to hoover up after. This design is also available as a runner (60 x 230 cm) for those hallways or narrow spaces.