• Flo Large Serenity Candle - 450g / 50 hour
  • Flo Large Serenity Candle with box
Flo Candles

Flo Large Serenity Candle - 450g / 50 hour


Bela Casa Home presents the Flo natural soy wax Serenity Large candle.

Serenity has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which combined produce a heavenly fresh, floral scent thanks to a divine fusion. This includes geranium – ideal for alleviating stress, lavender to promote tranquillity, and the soothing queen of essential oils rose, allowing you to relax and unwind. Each 450g candle has three cotton wicks and comes with a highly polished stainless steel cover. These candles bring you up to 50 hours burn time with a beautiful scent throughout. Manufactured from 100% Natural materials these wonderful rays of light are also suitable for vegans. We all deserve luxury in our lives.

Our large 3 wick candles bring luxury in abundance…enhanced natural fragrance to immerse yourself in. Set the mood… take a deep breath and enjoy the bountiful aromas.

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