Curtain Measuring Guide

Simple steps for how to measure your curtains.

Below is a diagram of a typical window layout with a curtain pole. Curtain poles can be installed inside the window reveal or above the window.

We understand that measuring your curtains can feel like a daunting task so hopefully we can help make this an easier process, here are two key factors and the most frequently asked questions:

How do I measure the width of my curtains?

The simple rule is to measure the width of your pole/track rather than the width of the window. Measure the pole or track to where the curtains stop so the finials or end caps are not included in your measurements.

A good practise general guide is to measure the width of the curtain pole or track and allow 2 - 2.5 times this width in material, so for example in a pair of curtains with a width of 54 x 72 both panels would add up to 108 inches so these would be suitable for a window around 43-54 inches. This will give you a nice full gather on the curtains when fully closed.

 How do I measure the length of my curtains?

Always measure from the pole or track not the window! Curtains can be hung to finish off in various lengths depending on the look, the location or budget. They can finish at window sill height, top of the radiator (if located under the window), down to the floor or pooled onto the floor. Measure the length (Drop) of the curtains to meet your desired look or location. For pooled curtains which are gathered on the floor can be created by measuring to the floor and then adding extra length, 2-4 inches for a light pool and 6-8 inches for true pool. Pooling can be used to create a luxurious and glamourous over full look.


What order are the measurements for ready-made curtains?

Our Ready-Made curtains are always sold, displayed and measured width x length (Drop)

For example, curtains listed as 66 x 72 are 66 inches wide x 72 inches in length (Drop)

What Sizes are ready-made curtains available in?

Here is a ready-made curtain size guide in both imperial inches and metric centimetres. These sizes are the general sizes that are available across many different designs, all designs have different variations of these sizes so please check each individual listing for the sizes available per design. This table will also help you convert metric inches to imperial cm sizes for your curtains.

Ready Made Curtain size guide:

Inches (IN)

Centimetres (CM)

46 x 54

117 x 137

46 x 72

117 x 183

46 x 90

117 x 229

52 x 54

132 x 137

52 x 72

132 x 183

52 x 90

132 x 229

66 x 54

168 x 137

66 x 72

168 x 183

66 x 90

168 x 229

76 x 54

193 x 137

76 x 72

193 x 183

76 x 90

193 x 229

76 x 108

193 x 274

90 x 54

229 x 137

90 x 72

229 x 183

90 x 90

229 x 229

104 x 54

264 x 137

104 x 72

264 x 183

104 x 90

264 x 229

104 x 108

264 x 274

132 x 90

335 x 229


Most of our curtains are also available to be made to measure so if you require sizes that are not available on the website please get in touch and we can provide you with a price to have them made to order. Curtains made to order have a lead time of around seven days.

Are curtains sold in pairs?

All our curtains are sold in pairs unless clearly stated as single panel or door curtain. Curtains sold in pairs consist of 2 panels both measuring the measurements quoted in the listings, for example 66 x 72 would be two panels both 66 inches wide x 72 inches in length (Drop).

Can I get help measuring my curtains?

We hope this short guide will help you measure for your curtains but as always, we are here to help.

If you have any doubts or questions please get in touch and we will guide you through the process.

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