Styling your home with cowhide and sheepskin rugs.

Cowhide rugs and Sheepskin throws can be styled in your home in so many ways and they look beautiful.

Picking the right colour for the room in mind is important but there are many shades to choose from…

Metallic Zebra Print CowHideBlack and White CowHideGinger CowHide

Taupe SheepSkinWhite SheepSkinShaggy Black and White SheepSkin

The Cowhide rugs are feature rugs, the kind of rugs that catch your eye when you first walk into a room. They are perfect for decorating a plain room or pairing with black, white and grey décor.

Hang your Sheepskin delicately over your sofa or lay them on the floor next to your bed, you will want them somewhere you can touch and enjoy their irresistible softness on a daily basis.

SheepSkin Bedroom Bedroom Sheep Skin

They look great anywhere in the house. They add warmth and texture to a cold tile or wooden floor, or freshen up a plain old carpet.

Soften up your baby’s nursery, lay a Sheepskin rug next to your bed and feel the coziness under your feet the morning or add a Cowhide rug as a main feature to your lounge, hallway or kitchen. 

Bathroom CowHide Cowhide in the Kitchen

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