So staying in is the new going out?

The rise in popularity of the Danish lifestyle Hygge and increasing costs of eating and drinking out have seen a huge rise in socialising from home..  So wether it's sat around the kitchen table/ formal dining table or outside huddled around a fire pit with a cosy blanket and warming mulled wine.... staying in really is the new going out!


As the dark winter nights begin to relinquish their grip and the start of spring kicks in and we all feel a little happier and a little more social.. hopefully the get togethers with friends and families will start to become a little more often.


Staying in Hygge Style:

Let's set the seen.. sat with friends outside on a March evening with the sun disappearing over the horizon, garden furniture laden with cosy cushions (wool cable knit) and soft woollen throws (Bronte) and draped over the back of the chairs and sofas rich deep sheepskins and deer hides (sheepskin/springbok) the fire pit roars, the glasses chink and the chatter is only broken by bouts of laughter. This truly is how we all embrace the simple things in life... 


So what could be better than an evening in. 

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