Flo Vegan Soy Wax Candles

We are proud to present a dreamy collection of luxury hand crafted vegan soy wax candles, diffusers and mists with fragrance to lift the mind and sooth the soul by Flo Candles.

The fragrance from these beautiful candles fills the room with wonderful aromas and flavours that have been perfected over many years.

The natural and certified organic ingredients mean these vegan soy wax candles have been lovingly hand crafted with conscience. The style of the candles are simple, elegant and sophisticated so they make beautiful ornaments to enhance your decor even before they have been lit! Once you light the wick and unleash the flavoursome fragrance then you will be hooked on these little bundles of happiness and joy for ever. Everyone likes to pick a favourite and I personally am in love with the springy burst of lemon, lime and citrus from the zest flavour.

The superior quality of the soy wax and wick mean these long life of the candles give real value for money as well as hours of pleasure.

Imagine filling the house with aromatic heaven and introducing the calming and relaxing effect of candle light. The fragrance in these hand made soy wax candles is slow release so it lasts the life of the candle and is still strong enough to fill your room, hallway or dining kitchen with its sweet loving fragrance.

The luxury hand crafted vegan soy wax candles are available in three sizes and all available in the Flo candles 7 amazing unique fragrances.

Here is a little about each of the unique wonderful rich fragrant aromas available in the collection:


The saucy little devil of Embrace has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which together produces beautiful fresh, sweet floral aroma with woody notes. This synthesis includes clary sage, lavender which relax; bringing warmth and balance and the flowery fragrance of ylang ylang, regarded by many as an aphrodisiac!


The mystical Energise has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils. This perfect blend includes fresh orange and floral geranium. A full flavoured aroma that encourages you to feel like you have more energy.


The smiley exotic tones of Happiness has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils. It brings a beautiful fresh floral scent; a combination which not only smells amazing but will bring you a sense of verve and joy. The scent’s key ingredients include bergamot combined with refreshing grapefruit and the exotic base notes of ylang ylang.


The chillin vibe fragrance of Relax has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which combine to bring about a sense of calm and relaxation. This floral union has been crafted in order to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. Amongst the essential oils used, Relax utilises the harmonising aromas of lavender, marjoram and petitgrain.


The calming subtle tones of Serenity has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which combined produce a heavenly fresh, floral scent thanks to a divine fusion. This includes geranium – ideal for alleviating stress, lavender to promote tranquillity, and the soothing queen of essential oils rose, allowing you to relax and unwind.


The euphoric scents of Uplifting has been created using with a unique blend of pure essential oils, which amalgamates to exude a beautifully fresh floral scent. The scent includes mandarin, known for promoting calmness and raising your spirits, with the floral notes of geranium and clary sage, resulting in an invigorating aroma.


My favourite!! the citrus star bursting Zest has been created using with a unique fusion of several essential oils, which together zing with freshness and help to raise your spirits. The vitalising citrus scent is the result of a carefully selected blend of pure essential oils including refreshing lemongrass, crisp lime and tangy grapefruit. 

Our brand new Flo luxury vegan soy wax candles are available in three sizes to suit your room size, aesthetic preference and budget:

100g / 250 hour Soy Wax Candle

The cute 100g soy wax candle that comes complete with a small silver heart. This adorable little soy wax candle will give you up to 25 hours of bliss full light and heavenly fragrance as is made from 100% natural organic ingredients. Includes a lovely white branded box.. perfect for a gift for someone special.

250g / 50 hour Soy Wax Candle

The charismatic 250g soy wax candle has style and quality that allow the aroma to be released throughout its 50 hour expected lifespan. With a single wick this 50 hour hand made candle will give you a ray of light and smells to fill your room with its array of aromas. Perfect to light before during and after a dinner party, impress your friends with this glass full of treasure.

Large 450 / 50 hour / triple wick Soy Wax Candle

This extra large big daddy of a soy wax candle has three wicks to create the most gorgeous lighting and is packed with up to 50 hours of beautiful fragrant aroma giving angelic ingredients.. far to good for a gift.. keep this one all to yourself!

100ml Reed Diffusers / 10 weeks/ includes reeds and branded box

Available in 4 fragrances..Each 100 ml reed diffuser lasts for up to 10 weeks depending on the environment and are such a stylish way to scent your home. They bring you continuous, beautiful, natural aroma enhancing the ambience of any room. Including the reeds required and a branded retail box. The Flo reed diffusers are a perfect accompaniment to the soy wax candles.



Over the years Flo Candles have developed unique blends of essential oils to bring to you a stunning scent library, all of which produce a uniquely beautiful fragrance, enhancing the aroma and mood in any environment thanks to their aroma therapeutic properties.

The use of candles come with responsibilities so please use them responsibly and enjoy them safely. For your convenience and to help you enjoy our luxury hand made soy wax candles safely, here is a link to our candle safety guide:

Candle Safety Guide >>

I hope I have inspired you to fill your home with the light and aromas of Flo Vegan Soy Wax Candles and share the joy of their wonderful fragrances with your friends.

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