Bedspreads - The Perfect Multi Functional Accessory

Bedspreads are not just a winter warmer, Its always the right time for a bedspread.

OK, so we are approaching summer and you may think I am totally bonkers writing about bedspreads!

But lets think about both looks and functionality of a bedspread.

Bedspreads are the perfect multi functional accessory, from being used a bed cover, a throw to glamorising the bed with some glitz and groovy style or even used as a casual warming throw/blanket on the sofa. Bedspreads have even been know to be used as an outside blanket for a picnic in the sun or on outdoor garden furniture or a hammock! If removed whilst you sleep in summer you can always pull it back over yourself for an additional cover in the middle of the night if the temperature drops, so can provide the ideal back up.

Patsy Lemon Floral patchwork bedspread

Interior designers often use bedspreads to add depth or layers to the bedding, hotels and show houses are the same, giving the bedroom a homely, rich, coordinated layered look and feel.

Using a bedspread to layer the bedding

The bedspread can also be a perfect item to cover the bed whilst your favourite pooch pops on the bed for a sneaky afternoon snooze. It can then be removed before you slide in for a good nights sleep or even rolled up and used as a defensive guard against our loved ones rogue elbows or unwanted advances :-)

 Cute Puppy on the bed

Perfect accessories for layering up the bed and giving even the most basic duvet cover a helping hand to look sophisticated and grand. Bedspreads can be dressed formally in a uniformed, neat and tidy manor or thrown over the corner of the bed for a casual splash of colour or depth. They can keep you warm in winter and be a perfect snuggle buddy to keep you cosy on those frosty winter nights.

A bedspread can be neatly folded at the corner of the bed:

Bedspread casually thrown over corner of bed.

Or literally thrown on the bed for a super casual bedding look:

Casual uses for bedspreads

We have a varied selection of bedspreads to suit all budgets from designer faux furs to affordable bedding brands.

<Shop all bedspreads image>

Quilted bedspreads are the most common and come in a variety of quilted patterns from stripes to patchwork. We have both bedspreads that perfectly match the bedding and generic bedspreads that can be used to accessorise with various bedding styles. The material of the bedspread can also vary from sophisticated crushed velvet to cotton or the more functional polyester.

Here are some samples of the different bedspreads available.

Generic bedspreads: 

 Catherine Lansfield Generic bedspreads in four colours

Catherine Lansfield Giant Waffle Bedspread

Glamorous Bedspreads:

Glamorous Bedspreads

Catherine Lansfield Crushed velvet natural bedspread

Matching Bedspreads

 Co-ordinated floral bedspread

Matching floral Bedspread and duvet cover

A perfectly co-ordinated matching bedroom set is the Canterbury Floral Duvet set as featured in the main image:

Catherine Lansfield Canterbury Floral Co-ordinating Bedding set


I hope you can find some inspiration in my short blog on bedspreads and coordinating bedding, if you would like to shop the whole collection please click shop now below.

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